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Hello and welcome!

(This is an online college with a few extra features. It might take a little bit of learning your way around.

You did the same thing in high school when you learned where all your classes were, didn’t you?

Once you are familiar with it, the next time is easy.)

Registering is only a 2 step process so fear not.



Our courses are designed to be both entertaining and worthy of your time.
We strive to keep the prices affordable. (Please tell your friends!)

 If you plan to take the a 6 class package module, you can simply click on those and you will be registered for 6 classes.

Any time you return to the University, just click on the button on the left that says, "My Enrolled Courses" to return to your courses.

We hope you enjoy the course.

You may jump to the FAQ Page here.
When you are ready, click your heels together 3 times and click here to go to the registration page. (We'll bet you thought about doing it. Go ahead. No one's watching.)